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My Story 

I am a pianist, born in Ankara. I grew up listening to many genres, but strictly studied classical piano, where I was not allowed to touch anything commercial. Basically I was playing Bach while my friends were listening to Nirvana. I disliked this communication gap and wanted people my age to know that classical music can be (if not more) as "head bangable" as rock or pop.

At 17 I moved to USA for college (Eastman School of Music) and then to UK to do my masters at Royal Academy of Music.

After gaining the skills, I decided to launch my own projects in which I would unite audiences and show people that classical music is an important heritage which we should value and protect - as it is a form of communication that can transport us back and forth in time. 

I have so far released my “Pink Floyd Classical Album”, and “Nirvana Classical Album” (along with the extended version “Nirvana Project” with electronic beats). My aim was to bring the virtuoso piano skills I learned in my education to unite rock and classical audiences. I was inspired by the cutting edge classical composers like Franz Liszt, Prokofiev and Corigliano to name a few.

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